Do you remember when all you wanted was what you’ve got now?

I read this in random internet quotes pretty much every day. And sometimes I remember to give thanks, and sometimes I just forget.

Because, now that I’ve come to mention it, yes I do remember, but I don’t always take the time to acknowledge it. And isn’t that a shame.

We are wired to be forgetful. Or maybe it would be better to say that we’re wired to be over-demanding. Always striving for the next thing rather than basking in the glory of having achieved our goals. …

Monday Mood.

That was the name of a column I wrote on in 2000 and kept writing for years every Monday when such a platform was still called e-zine.

I had “fans” almost everywhere. Nostalgic Lebanese expats who belonged to my age group. My ramblings and rants somehow hit home and they genuinely kept in touch. In 2006 I went to Chicago and met two girls who were big fans of Monday Mood (we’re still in touch and meet every now and then, btw).

And then I had my own eponymous blog. And for years I enjoyed blogging and…

line says: “What does the future hold?”

I lost a piece of my heart when I lost my dad, three years ago. And the other piece was gone with Beirut, three days ago.

And I am out of words.

While the world is struggling to get back on its feet following the global pandemic, we have been struggling to get out of bed, as Lebanon has been lurching from one crisis to another, to be finally hit by a horrific disaster that makes Covid19 seem like a candy in comparison.

People living in decent countries where human life has value, still have hope for a better future…

Your mind is a sadist kid, left unattended in a new playground

As soon as lockdown was imposed on us, groups on WhatsApp started to form, inviting us to take part in 21 days meditation challenges. After the challenge you’ll be able to “shift your perspective”, “transcend your limiting beliefs”, and “develop the mindset for success at any goal”. Why 21 days? Because it takes 21 days to create a habit, according to a 1960 self-help book by some doctor. Bad news: no book or training can change the nature of our mind. …


I love movies. Especially movies that make me think and stay with me long past the credits. And I’m fond of foreign movies.

Perfetti Sconosciuti / Perfect Strangers is an Italian movie that I had the chance to watch a couple of years back.

What’s it about? This modern poison known as smartphone.

Our whole life exists in a little black box. A precious box; it knows all our secrets, and must be left away from anyone else’s hands. …

My social life lately feels like a super long Beirut Beer ad.

Not talking about the giggle fits with my besties. But my larger social life. The gatherings with acquaintances I don’t share much with, friends of friends with whom I don’t have anything in common, old friends who didn’t stand the test of time. Random acquaintances who, when they speak their mind over drinks at some casual outing, make me wish I was lying on my couch watching a documentary about ants on Nat Geo. Or Chef Antoine on Télé Liban.

The old days

Back in the days it…

You’re at a dinner party that you wholeheartedly wanted to cancel simply because… JOMO! And because you honestly don’t feel the need for shallow introductions that just stay there. And because you have enough friends in your close circle and not enough energy to fit more people in… Wait, where was I? Yes, you’re at this dinner party and someone that you’ve just been introduced to asks you this. “What do you do for a living?”

Is it an ice-breaker? Is it a conversation starter? …

7ayeteh el ijtime3iyyeh mou2akharran bteshbah de3ayet Beirut Beer 3a version super tawileh. Ma 3am be7keh 3an jam3at el de7ek w ta22 el 7anak ma3 as7abeh, bass 7ayeteh el ijtime3iyyeh bel moutla2. El mounesabet yalleh ben3azam 3laya 3and ness ma byejma3neh ktir eshya fiya… as7ab el as7ab yalleh ma 3andeh shi ellon yeh, w as7ab eyyem zamen yalleh ma nej7et el snin t7afez wala 3layyeh wala 3layon. …

3 rjel … iza fina nsammion heik, e3din be Casper & Gambini’s bel ABC Ashrafieh.

2e5er el arb3inet, kel wa7ad mesek cigar w 3am benazzer.

Rajol #1: leik leik, nazzalit soura jdideh… ba3mella like?

Rajol #2: akid la2 ya zalameh a7san ma tfakkrak msharda2. Illa iza bta3mella like w 3a ka3bo deghreh like 3and sa7ebta.

Rajol #3: (tamtam shi ma sme3to)

3a fekra, ana ma kenet kébbeh dayneh bass henneh keno malzou2in be tawletna w 3am ye7ko 3a sot 3aleh.

Rajol #2: (3ala ma yabdou, houwwe el khabir bel 3ila2at wil tonzir, Dr. Phil men wejjeh) bijewbo: shu baddak be…

Manneh shatra bel math. Kel 7ayeteh bel madrasseh kenet 2e5od 5/20 w 7atta el 5 ma ba3ref 3a shu. Karam akhla2 mnel estez, akid.

W la anneh mish shatra bel math, ma t3allamet 3edd lal 3ashra.

3andeh meshekleh kamen etrok temmeh msakkar lamma besma3 7akeh mish 3a zaw2eh. 7atta law ma ken mwajjah la eleh.

Iza tmakkanet a3mol enjez el seneh el madyeh, ken et3allam 3edd lal 10. La anno lamma jeweb be la2maneh aw be5 sammeteh bass esma3 el 7akeh el bala ta3meh, ma bkoun raddeit 7a22eh aw 7a22 el shakhess yalleh 3am yen7aka 3leh. Bel3aks.

5olset el mou2addameh…

Adriana Leboss

Miss Word

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